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Who Choose Us?

Intelligent Efficiency

Dedicated to the pursuit of efficiency. A research and development major, we see efficiency as a measure of creativity based on precision, determination and imagination. After all we consider technology to be a central extension of the human enterprise.

Efficiency by Design

Inbuilt Driver

Every Plummy product comes with an inbuilt driver. A substantial design element that provides for spatial efficiency thereby giving the final product a compact and sleek appearance.

Industrialized Design

The design is highly industrialized in order to achieve standardization, ensuring that every product confirms to stringent quality standards at a value price.


Every Plummy product carries dimming function as a standard feature. It allows you to save energy and gives you the facility to choose a light ambience suiting your mood.


Plummy has the highest lumens per area / volume ratio. An indicator of our commitment to efficiency, helping us deliver a strong value proposition.

Eco Efficiency


Harnessing the potentials of LED technology, Plummy provides necessary design required to achieve optimum efficiency, saving up to 50% in energy cost.


Our approach towards minimalism is sincere. Though challenging, it helps one to save important resources that are extracted from nature and thereby contribute to sustainability.

True Efficiency

When everything is relative, parameters allow us to gain real measures. Plummy champions the true efficiency campaign. Efficiency is measurable, it is a ratio of work to energy expended. In the case of lighting product true efficiency is a measure of the lumens achieved per watt. Plummy products ensure an output of up to 120 lumens per watt, this is by far the most efficient ratio available.


With 50,000 Hours life expectancy, our products are designed to retain a high lumen flux. Conceived to withstand time but not at the cost of efficiency and output. The actual usable life will extend much further at the rated 70% capacity.


Self contained design provides for zero operational maintenance. High quality input through selection of raw material and components ensures problem free operation throughout the product life cycle.


A Three year warranty is standard with all our products.

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